Best Book For Entrepreneur For Starting An Online Business


There are thousands of business books and hundreds of business started every month and 90%of them closes in the first year and 95% of the remaining businesses closes in the next five years. These are proven statistics.
 Now, what is the reason behind it and there is a common reason behind it,
 Maybe there is a problem in decision making,
 The problem in team management,
 Maybe the idea is not working,
 Maybe the timing is not perfect,
 Maybe some financial problems,
 And there are lots of other reasons that make startups shut down. 

But most of the time the reason is ''lack of information'', yes! information about the market,
 the potential costumers,
Sometimes lack of information in the field in which the startup is working, 
Or the founders don't know how to find their potential costumers, 
And there is also another type of information gap like CEO is not capable of making a good decision, Sometimes there is no future of the product that some ''so-called illiterate entrepreneurs are making'', this is called lack of market research.

If you are also going to start your business in the future then it's the right time to make a perfect plan, but no plan is perfect. but we can absolutely try to make it perfect. Our today's efforts can remove our business name from the list of that 90 and 95% business that shut down in the first one and five years.

Now that's all are only problems, what's the solution to these all problems? the most appropriate solution is to avoid mistakes by learning from the mistakes of others, to master your field first ''in your mind'',  and then in the real world.
All the things are only possible when you READ BOOKS, reading the right book can make your business out from the list of fail startups. HERE ARE other 10 BOOKS THAT YOU SHOULD READ BEFORE STARTING A BUSINESS.

But your business is fully online these 5 books that I am going to list now are much important or your online business, just like breathing is important for you.

  • best books for online business

1. my life in advertising by  Claude C. Hopkins

Hopkins is born in a poor family, It was told in his school that he can become maximum, An accountant and the maximum amount of money he can earn is 2 dollars per hour.

But he went to the world of advertising and works for many companies and whichever company he worked for, he made it great. Just like Pepsodent, JandJ, Tyre company, Car company, BEAUTY product company, and many others.
In the early '90s, his annual salary was 1lakh 85 thousand per annum.  
He said that my biggest mistake is that, I never started my own business because I don't have much courage to do so.
All the online marketing principles of today's business society is invented by him.

For example, the free coupon system was invited by him, by which you can know the address of the customer and then you can offer them another product and earn money from them,
In today's world, we offer a free PDF or AUDIO and then get the email address of the customer and then offer them some other PRODUCTS to earn money. All such principles and strategies are invented by him in the early '90s. All the online marketing principles of today's business society is invented by him.

MY LIFE IN ADVERTISING A BOOK is the best to book on advertising. Claude is one of the finest advertisers of history. This is the man who showed the power of advertising to the world. 

He said that ''One should not go into the era of advertising before reading this book at least 7 times.'

There is another book called SCIENTIFIC ADVERTISING which is also written by Claud c. Hopkins. Now, these books are combined in one.  according to everyone every entrepreneur should read this book.    

 2. launch by jeff walker 

Jeff Walker is the creator of the product launch formula (PLF) and a successful entrepreneur.
This book is really awesome. Jeff had made the formula to launch any product online, this formula is called the ''product launch formula''.
For the last ten years, He launches PLF only one time in the year and the value of that course today is $1997 dollars or 1.4 lakh in Indian currency.
Jeff many times laugh on the YouTubers who have millions of subscribers but they can still not optimize all the things because they don't know the real principles of the online world.

Lots of his students earned millions by using these techniques. this book can really increase your knowledge in the online world.
John Reese is the first man to earn 1 million dollars in one day in the online world by using the product launch formula of Jeff Walker.

walker make his idea divided into four parts:-

  • pre-pre launch
  • pre-launch
  • launch and
  • post-launch 
pre - pre-launch build anticipation among the people, you have to totally now about views of the peoples on the product that you are launching. it builds curiosity ad anticipation that further build engagement and participation, further pre-launch is to get get the email address of the peoples, the author says that ''it is the license to print money'', the next step is to launch...

If you are going to start your online business then this book is ''must read'' book for you.

  • Dotcom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online with Sales Funnels Book by Russell Brunson

Dotcom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online with Sales Funnels Book by Russell Brunson is one of the most important books to read for all online entrepreneurs.
This book contains some of the great ideas which you cant get from anywhere else.

In this book, the author shares the idea of the ''SALES FUNNEL'' in detail, he discussed the sales funnel from ''building a sales funnel'' to ''effect of sales funnel on customers''. The author covered every single point in every detail.

Russel Brunson is not just an author but. Thousand of his student becomes millionaires by these techniques. He is the INVENTOR and kings of the funnel technique that he described in this book.

  • what is the sale funnel?
  • how to build funnels?
  • The right way to make your funnel more beneficial?
  • how to reach your potential costumers?
  • The accurate way to turn your customer, to convert your potential customer?
Russell Brunson also founded a company called CLICKFUNNELS, which presents software to build your own funnels.
And thousands of his students became a millionaire by this click funnel program.
According to me, every online entrepreneur should understand this book and should know about this to grow online.

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