Grow with Bhagwat Geeta

 Grow with Bhagwat Geeta

The mind’s nature is to keep thinking, if you try to make your mind thoughtless, you will realize it is extremely difficult. we cannot make our mind thoughtless but we make it positive.  

Bhagwat Geeta is the source by which we control our mind and increase our inner strength. Bhagwat Geeta helps us to live a life happier and in a good manner. 

The following verse helps you in growing your life:-

  • When Meditation is mastered, the mind is unwavering like the flame of a lamp in a windless place. 

Nowadays we consider meditation boring. Who can sit still with their eyes closed without any thoughts?  

But we truly need to take a few time of our busy life to attain meditation for our inner peace. In ancient time saints at  Himalaya doing meditation for a long period of 1000 year unstoppable with food and water because of meditation, they live a long period. 

Meditation does not help us only near peace it also help us control our mind and mindset. A person who daily do meditation they don’t have any disease. Meditation is an important solution to our body problem and exhaustion. It’s important to add meditation to our daily routine for our healthier life. 

Everyone is busy in today world but for our body, we need to take time and doing meditation. 

“If we wish to lead an inspired life,

  • The soul is neither born and nor does it die.

Fear kills ambition, dreams and even the slight chance of progress. A fearless soul nothing to worry about, because it knows it cannot be caged, and nor can it be stopped. 

Thus, the fear of death is absurd, as our souls don’t die. Fear and worry are two enemies, that are destroying our goals and happier life. The soul cannot be died only change its place from one body to another body. Our body is like a toy without a soul. 

“Fear not, you have so much potential within you”. 

“ The cave you fear to enter, Holds the Treasure you seek“.

  • Hell Has Three Gates: Lust, Anger, And Greed. 

Lust, Anger and Greed are not good. unreasonable craving for sex and losing boner turn you into a pervert and your negative thoughts start controlling your mind. 

Anger deprives people away from you, anger destroys our relationship and bonding with close ones. Anger also not good for our health too. Greed will never let you satisfied. If you are greedy then you try a lot of time you’ll never be successful.

 Greed destroys our mind and one-day greed became a reason for our ruination. 

“You get in life what you deserve, not what you desire”. 

  • A person can rise through the efforts of his own mind; or draw himself down, in the same manner. Because each person is his own friend or enemy. 

You’re your own best friend. There is no more closely than you more than yourself. If you have a problem, only you will have a solution to it, and not your friend. 

Never trust anyone more than yourself. To find the answer to your question, you will have to look within. Seeking suggestion from five different people who you call ‘friends’ is not going to help because they have five solutions to one problem, whereas your solution is the ultimate answer. Believe in yourself. 

“Chase the happiness inside yourself, it will stay with you lifelong”. 

Make yourself your best friend.

  • There is neither this world nor the world beyond. Nor happiness for one who doubts. 

Doubts create misunderstanding. They confused you and fog your mind with unclear thoughts. Doubts break our relationship, trust and hopes. 

For instance, if you’re in a relationship with someone and you have any doubt about your partner loyalty and love then you will never be able to take your relationship further.

 Not at present time in ancient age many kings destroy their empire and lose their loving ones because of doubt. In relationship and kinship trust is more expensive, without trust they break. 



 Geeta is work like medicine for our mind and growth of our life. Geeta impressed all the readers, a life-changing verses that can help us to improve our behaviour and correct our all mistakes. According to ideologist Bhagwat Geeta is key to success and the store of knowledge. 

Believe me, once you read you noticed many changes in yourself. Every successful man if you meet they advised you to read Geeta because for thousands of problem there is only one solution Bhagwat Geeta. 

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