Top Five Thoughts which Make Our Life Glorious

 Top Five Thoughts which Make Our Life Glorious  

Thoughts are more important for our mindset and positivity. Negative thoughts make our life like hell. Negative thoughts create anxiety and depression which cause suicide, heart attack and many types of situation which are harmful to our human life. 

Depression is one of the dangerous cause in the present age of human life are depressed more due to negative thoughts. Lord Krishna explain some philosophical concepts which help to decline negative thoughts and creating positivity in our mind. 

“Cages aren’t made of iron,

They are made of Thoughts”.


Top five Thoughts:-

  • Never Reveal Your Secrets to anyone. 

Secrets, everyone has their own personal things which we do not share with anyone but sometimes we share it with our friends and companions and they leak our secret.

 When someone leaks our personal things our mind feels guilty and negative thoughts come out from our mind. A weakness of any person is his secret. Don’t tell secrets to anyone, not even to friends. 

“Fake Friends are like shadows, they stick with you in your bright hours, and leave you in your darkest hour”.

  • Be real (original) never copy anyone. 

Be yourself don’t showoff. When we see anyone we want to copying him, if you want to get learn something so learn his good behaviour which is more important for positivity in mind, didn’t copy their Goals, lifestyle and bad habits. If you are not capable of copying, then you lose your hopes. It creates anger and then negative thoughts start coming out from our mind. 

If you copying anyone your all knowledge, all the success become vanishes when you choose the wrong path, flying on the air so be yourself.

“Your skin is not a paper don’t cut it,

Your neck is not a coat don’t hang it.

“Your height is not a book so don’t judge it,

And your life is not a movie so don’t end it”. 


Never judge yourself to looking anyone better than you, always be real.

  • Help Others And They Will Strengthen You All Your Life

At present age people think about themselves, humanity is lost everyone is selfish. If we help someone, they will be more likely to help you. This is a basic, unspoken agreement that fuels nearly every move.

The idea of karma is to describe it negatively. If you do bad, bad will come to find you. But it works the other way too. When you are a good person and help people, good things seem to happen. Don’t help others just to make your resume look good; you actually help yourself to grow to be a better person too. 

  • Talk Less, Listen And Watch More 

You know why God give us; two eyes, two ears but only one tongue because god said talk less, listen and watch more. Don’t waste your energy in taking foolish thing collect them and invest in good things and hard work. 

One more important thing, thoughts comes out in your mind is depending on what you listen, watch you watch and then you talk if you watch and listen good than talk in good behaviour and positive thoughts comes in your mind but if you watch and listen badly than negative thoughts comes out. So always stay in a positive atmosphere.

“Have Thoughts So Beautiful That people Want To shazam Them”


It’s all in your head. If you can stay positive in a negative situation, you win. You never know how strong you’re, until being strong is the only choice. If you don’t take proper care of your mind, someone else will. So keep improving yourself stay away from negativity and dirty-minded people. Never trust anyone in the present world everyone has two faces. 

I know a homeless man with a master’s degree and a high school dropout with the mansion. 

“ life is what you make it”.



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