5 steps to start a startup


Starting a startup isn’t just about opening your doors or launching your website. Long before that happens, it’s about planning to launch.

There’s a real art form in the planning, and those who have launched a lot of startups — as we have — approach launching a new idea very differently from someone who’s just taking on their first startup.

We know that time is both our friend and our greatest enemy. And we do everything we can to protect our time so it’s spent in the most efficient way possible.

I have also written a lot of articles in which I discussed that how to earn money at an early age but this is all about earning money but starting a startup is to giving money spending money and time and become a billionaire at the age of 20s.

So what does that actually look like? 

Here are the 5 steps to start a  start-up and become a billionaire at the age of 20.


We all have a lot of solution. For any problem but we never find the problem for ourselves. And finding a problem for the society and solve them that make people more comfortable and people have a lot of profit from them then they are with you.

Finding a problem is the greatest way to start a start-up and make it a billionaire idea. 

I have taken an example in front of you, suppose if you want to watch an IPL on mobile then the solution is to take a membership on Hotstar by investing 399rs for a year.

And I another path you make a website a 3rd party website and you say to your society to watch through this. 

If you say your society to take a membership of Hotstar then everyone takes because this is only 399rs spending problem. But if you can say about the solution you find a problem with IPL and you launch a 3rd party app or website then everyone uses them and you earn a lot of money. This not make you a billionaire but this makes you an ideal person.

And if you want to start a start-up then finding these little types of problem is very important.

The problem is not like to find in the sky. Problem is always in here and there just move your eye with help of mind you find a lot of problems and then solve through that you earn and people also have a lot of profit in them.


Remember in your mind that team is the greatest part of any startup. Every billionaire startup occurs they make you billionaire because they have teamwork. 

Without teamwork people never do anything.

I have taken an example, a person who starts a startup name “CHAI SUTTA BAAR ”and made this evaluation 3 lakhs to 100 crores.

If they do this thing personally then they make only one shop for their startup but when they have teamwork. They have a 2 more person who sees maintenance and many arrangements that make 150 shops in India. So these all 3 make 100crore while if they work alone they never earn more than a crore.

So teamwork is very important if you want to start a startup.

And not you find your teammates in bill gates or Mukesh Ambani but you find your teammates in your friend. 

Remember that an average person starts a startup.


Your startup depends on 70% of your timing. Means how your idea is about timing.

Timing is also like a trend that everyone needs at that time but no one provides.

In 2016 when YOUTUBE is trending then many people start a channel on YOUTUBE and they got a boost in their life.

RECENTLY, a channel name “ROUND 2 HELL” complete its 2 crore subscribers on YOUTUBE.

They start their channel when youtube is on trending in 2016 this is the perfect timing to start a channel.

And at that time they are on the stage when many Bollywood film creator invites them for the film actor.

So this is the power of timing. Also, many startups make crore at that time like “NETFLIX’



Every entrepreneur needs great motivation. Because failure is their greatest friend.

Failure hugs you every second. But if you have a motivation to defeat them then this make you a billionaire.

A person starts 20 startups in their 5-year journey and their 19th startup made them billionaire so if you have motivation then you start again and again and when you race again and again when you reach your goal. This is the fundamental rule of life.


If you want to start a startup. 

Then communication skill plays a harsh role in every field in your life.

If you feel shy when you talk with someone. Then you need your teammate who has great communication skills.

If you are never able to talk with someone then at that time your partner or your teammates talk with them.

When you start a startup then it is very important that you have a connection with many people and this is possible when you have a lot of communication skills.


Starting a start-up is not an opening a door or starting a YOUTUBE channel but it is not more than you believe.

“CONCEIVE ------------------- BELIEVE ------------------ ACHIEVE”

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