In today fast forward world everyone wants money. Every and every person want to become a billionaire at an early age.

This is about ok. Because money is the most powerful thing in this modern world. The people who become billionaire can purchase all the things in the world. 

In my last article, I have also discussed that how shortcuts ruin your life. 

Earn money in less time is ok. But taking shortcuts from them is the greatest foolish thing doing by today youth. 

Today I have discussed how to earn more money in less time.


When you enter college. All the student have a lot of thinking in their mind. 90% of the student think that they study more and more in college like their school and when the placement is coming they got a good package like 10-20lcs. It is ok. 

But remember in your mind that the 10% of student who has done something new and they never think about their placement then they do their own business or anything. Believe me, they create history in this world.

And this is the person who earns a lot of money and fame in less time.

So doing something unique and different is the most important thing at that time. 

What different things you have to do-


You also doing freelancing in their home it is just a home routine work and earns a  lot of money in less time. 

It is side works. Mean you can do this in their home by maintaining your college.

There are lots of freelancers who earn 2-3lcs. Per month and they also used to go to their college.


Blogging is a great thing which you can do by maintaining their college study.

If you are interested in writing then blogging play a great role in your life.

You can write in any of the topics and upload these things in their google account it is just a 1000rs spend process because you spend for purchasing the domain and hosting for your website.

After your google account create. You have written a lot of articles in them and when 100article is completed then you submit your account for monetizing and your account got monetize.

After monetization you earn 3-4lacs. Per month by doing their favourite work at home.

Umer quarry is a 16-year-old child who can earn 50lcs per annum by doing this thing called blogging.

This is not a shortcut to earn money but this is the intelligence work to earn money and fame.


Youtube is a platform on which people can earn more than any big business.

Youtube is like a business but it also a small thing first when you doing and after when you getting more subscriber on them you can do anything in the world like any business promote through youtube, any other channel start and get more subscriber in youtube, gave a link of your blog channel and any product to earn a lot of money of them.

Just gave 2 an hour in your daily routine to your youtube and after 1 year it is very easy to make videos on them and also earn money from them.

I have also two youtube channels in which I earn a lot of money every month. 

My youtube channel name-



Affiliate marketing-

It is also a side business that you can do and earn a lot of money.

Affiliate marketing is the thing in which you can sell another brand product like amazon products, Flipkart product and you earn 20-30% of the product. 

Firstly You can create your own website and you start selling the item who is more demanding at that time. You sell this product in foreign and get many per cent of cut off. 

Suppose a product price 1000 and you sold 1000 pieces in one month then the product company earn 10lcs in this month through you and gave 10% cutoff to you then you earn 1lcs per month through this.

Just imagine you can earn a lot of money in less time and create your own brand.

App development-

This is also a genuine work to earn a lot of money in less time.

In-app development, you can learn about the app in two or three months and after learning you start to make your own app.

It is not important that you succeed or not. But the thing is you making your own app. You also have a question in your mind if you cant earn money from them then why you doing this.

So the answer is you doing this because if one app is flop you work on another if another is flop you start work on another again but remember that you make an app who your society need for getting result quickly.

After making4-5 apps your one app is making you a millionaire.

And you can earn 4-5lacs per month through this app.

This is very smart works and also you can earn a lot of money and fame through this.


I have discussed 5 things that you can do by just part-time. These all things you can also do by maintaining your college study. 

If you get more and more result from them and you think that you can't manage to study at that time.

Then it is time to leave college. 

Because the purpose of college to gave placement after 4 years study.

Remember in your mind the money that you gave to college and the time that you spend doing their college study. If you gave a one-third part of any business or any things that I have discussed in this article you can earn more than any placement.




No word for the student who studies more in college and college not offer him for placement.

Every billionaire leaves their college because they know that they have the talent to earn more money than any of the placement.

This is all about the secret to become a millionaire at the age of 22.


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