7 signs that you know you are in a one-sided relationship

 7 signs that you know you are in a one-sided relationship

Relationships are the reason for being alive. You dream about anything, you want to achieve something big, why? Should you think about it. If you are alone no one stays with you there is no matter, what you achieve because no one is there with you to celebrate that moment and make proud of you. It’s all you do to make your parents and loving ones pride in you. So that’s why I say relationships are the reason for being alive. 

If you like to stay alone and you think, I passed my whole life alone so you are wrong because you don’t stay alive more you die with your frustration. The relationship is a bond of people where you share everything, your happiness and grief. 

Here we will discuss one side relation. Some important topic which helps you to know you are in one side relationship. 

7 signs that you know you are in one-sided relationships:-

  • You are more interested to meet:- 

When you are on one side love with anyone, you always interested to meet with them. A meeting with your favourite person or one whom you love makes you happy.. your heart are want to meet with them again or again. Sometimes it thinks you stay with him the whole day or whole life. 

If you are a student then you noticed that if your crush is absent in class your mood are suddenly think, why she/he not come and many other things. 

One side love is pure and true love and more good than a couples love... 

  • You like to talk more with your one side love:- 

If you like someone or in one side relationship then you will like to talk more with your loving one. You want to share everything also your secrets. Just your heart says to listen to him all time and they never stop talking. You want to listen to him all time and talk with more interest. 

  • You noticed everything of your loving one:- 

One side relationship is like madness you always try to think about your partner. You will start noticing his/her small-small things like his/her passion, hobbies, or dressing sense. You always try to impress him. You feel more ugly if they talk to other boys/girls... 

  • You try to control him according to your own way:- 

When you like someone or truly loved him you always try to control him. You think they walked your way. You often hint or give out clues because you want to change the way that they interact with you. But people don’t change unless they want it for themselves, and they have to be active participant in the growth. Always try to give him the right way for a great future and always stay with him in the worst situations. 

  • Impression:- 

If you are in true love then you always to try to give impress. You do a thing which he/she likes. You always try to do things because of which he/she noticed. It was a normal activity which you do when you are in one-sided relationships. But sometimes you also did this because of your showoff but when you are in true love you don’t do messy things because of which he/she feels ugly. You trying to everything perfect in front of your loved one. 

  • Hopes:- 

Generally, when you are in a one-sided relationship you start collecting hopes with your future partner. You don’t know he/she love you or not but you still start thinking, what you do when they say you back, “I like you.” Sometimes when you are really mad about one side of love, you start collecting a futures plan. But nowadays only 10 per cent of relationships before marriage is in the world which is in true love. But one side of love is always true love. Always try to know why are you think about him. What’s the reason that why you add him to your personal life. These small things are the sign of true one-sided love. 

  • Ignorance:- 

Sometimes a person whom you love a lot will start ignoring and avoiding you because you feel ugly and when they ignore you, you will feel grief. It also happens in friendship but in one-sided love when they noticed you do a thing for Impressed him. Sometimes they start to avoid you and this small thing gives you pain then you are in true one-sided relationships. 


One-sided relation is the only sign of true love in this fake world. It’s not easy to love that one who never with you. Love when you loving one never with you and you still love him then you are the sign of true love. If you are in love with someone never say him if you never accept him for your whole life because if you going on in a relationship after a long time then break up it hurts more not only one but you but are going on in frustration. 

So try to put yourself only in one-sided relationships because one-sided relations are the sign of true love. 

“You will try to love him, 

Hoping they love you back.”

These hopes make you stronger and you love your partner a lot in one-sided relations. 

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