10 signs your partner is happy with you

 10 signs your partner is happy with you

A relationship is a friendly or loving connection between people. Most easily, the relationship is a close connection between two people, especially one involving romantic or sexual feelings. In a relationship it is important that you and your partner are happy together then you are in good relation. Good relationships depend on behaviour between you and your partners. 

Good relations are depended on respect or love. When you and your partner have respect for both of you and always support him in every problem and they love you unconditionally then your relationships are good. 

Signs your partner is happy with you:-

  • They love you unconditionally:- 

In a relationship when your partner is happy with you then they love you unconditionally. They always with you without any condition of selfishness...They don’t want anything from you, your partner only wants love. Your partner always tries to makes you happy...

            When your partner is happy with you they don’t force you to do a thing that doesn’t make you happy or you feel guilty. They always help you to developed good habits. 

  • Interested in spending more time with you:-

Spending time together, you and your partner then you both come closer and your bond of relationships are getting stronger.. spending times are the only way that you will make your relationships stronger and developed more love in heart of your partner for you.

 If your partner is happy with you, they always want to spend more time with you. They always wait for you at home, they call you for coming home earlier...Your partner always wants to eat with you in the light of the moon on dark nights and talk to you in late nights about the love stories... 

  • They always help you:-

In good relationships, when your partner is happy with you they always help you in any situation or any condition. Your partner always listens and care about your problem and helps you solve it. 

Your partner truly loves you and they never see you in pain and problems, they always help you in solving problems and finding a solution to any problems. They never left you in any condition and never saw your anger in your worst situations. Partner will guide and motivate you and protect you from depressions. 

  • They start sharing everything with you:-

when your partner is happy with you in a relationship, they always share everything with you also something personal. Sometimes in relationship people afraid to sharing something with their partner because they have fear with his/her partner. 

But when your partner truly understands you and they start loving you back or they are happy with you then they share everything with you. Everything like, their favourite food, colour, clothes, and also their hobbies or some personal thing that they never share with anyone... If your partner happy with you then they with full of his/her heart trust you blindly. And always try to give him sure that you are able for their trust. 

  • Fight with you and loves you more:- 

Without a fight in relation, there is no twist. Hope you all know very famous say that “more you fight, more you love”. Simply, fighting is the way of increasing love for your partner.

 If your partner fight with you and after some time when they have realized their mistakes then they try to impress you and loving you more. And then the talk between you and your partner helps you to developed love in your relationship. 

  • They understand you in every situation:-

Sometimes when you make mistakes and something wrong happened to you then your partner start beating you and most of the time partner say that they left you if you do this again which gives you pain and then you feel depressed and tired. And that fear of your partner has ruined your whole life... This only happened when your partner is not happy with you and you are not in a good relationship. 

If you are in a good relationship and your partner is happy with you then they always with you, they try to understand your every problem and helps you to refine your mistakes. They always say to you “I’m with you. And this word makes you happy and always think there is some personal, who always stay with you in your whole life...

  • They start copying your good habits:-

If your partner is happy with you and they want to stay forever then they also build the same habits as you. They copying you and always interested in a thing which you loves more. Something like vegetables which you like but they don’t like, but they start eating and building a habit same as you... sometimes they also want to build some good habits on you which they already have, they want to make a perfect one and accept you in every situation. 

  • They alert you before you doing anything:-

Partner or your loving ones always think that you never do anything wrong, you always be a good kind of person. And also they want you didn’t do anything because of which people blame you and you feel shameless. Your partner always makes you alert when you start doing anything. They tried to explain the advantages and your reputation. Because they love you more they still happy with you in relationships, they never want to lose you and saw you in pain. 

  • Respect your emotions:-

Sometimes people are very emotional about some personal reasons and their partner never want to listen to him and start blaming.. but if your partner is happy with you and they loves you truly then they always respect your emotions and listen to everything. If someone doesn’t respect you and pull you down they also stop meeting with them. They don’t want to talk to those who never respect you and blame you.


  • Summary:-

The relationship is a way of filling life with love and memories not alone with your partner, a one with whom you share everything little things. The real mining of relationships is caring and respecting each other emotions and always staying together in the worst situation too. 

Relationships are successful when your partner and you are happy together. There is no place for misunderstanding and always discus everything without any fear.. spending a time together and came out from home going together for shopping these small-small things are makes your relationship strong and happy. So love your partner and always trust, never broke your relation because of misunderstandings. 

“Stay together, stay happy”.

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