Five world best thoughts which Change your life

 Five world best thoughts which Change your life

Some of the lower qualities people think thoughts never work. But actually, if we read it and try to seek something from that thoughts then thoughts change your life. Everything which we think and do first we have to think or read some thoughts and then we will start doing those things. Some beautiful thoughts are made our whole day or whole life. 

If you don’t believe in thoughts then read a very famous holy scripture Shreemad Bhagwat Geeta, how lord Krishna Change the Opinion of Arjuna. And many examples are present in our history about the power of thoughts. Here we will not discuss the thoughts which come to our mind, we talk about life-changing thoughts which make people aggressive and motivate which help you to do hard work for success and make your intentions positive and fresh. 

Some beautiful thought;

  • Be gentle first with yourself.     -Lama Yeshe

A single line that expresses today’s reality. People are showing himself as a gentleman in public and in actuality, they are depressed and not in a condition of being gentle but they show off in public. For making yourself Gentle in your society and public first be gentle with yourself and that’s more important.

 one who wear good clothes or shoes or a branded watch is gentle this is not true actually a gentle one is who have respect for everyone and behaviour and a person who have all these qualities then they do not take worry for anything and never feel shameless with their condition. So first make yourself gentle with yourself. Because what people think about you doesn’t matter, but what you think about yourself are matters more in your life.

  • Failure is success in progress.       -Anonymous

Success is like happiness, when you want and you get that is a success. Sometimes we try to achieving something like, goals or job or anything which we want and we fail and then we think that we are the loser, we never do this or it is hard, we are never able to achieve it and we ruin our all goals of success. 


Anonymous said that “failure is success in progress.” This means if you get a failure on the way of your success, then that failure is your first success because they tell you what mistakes you do and how much effort are you give to your goals and how much they required, so never be afraid by failure because your failure is your first success or try to motivate yourself by your failure. 

  • The greatest wealth is your health.      -Virgil

It very trending quote I hope you all are studied or hear. It is a more important and impressive quote, health is wealth.  In today’s world, people are busy making money and they don’t give their time to make their bodies healthy and fit. In the past people stay healthy because they do everything by themselves they don’t have this technical society which does everything fast with comfort, actually, they struggled for everything and they use their body properly because of which they always stay fit and healthy.

 But in this generation of technology people are surrounded by comfort everything will happen easily and that’s why the body does not stay healthy all time. People never want to do any hard work or they want everything in comfort. People are busy making money and because of this, they are busy with their work with the whole comfort because everything does easily with help of science. And then their body never takes any relief or peace. Because of which people body never work properly, our human body wants proper care and exercise because of which they stay healthy. And people never spend their time making their bodies healthy and because of this many harmful diseases are born in the body. Try to make your body healthy, give some time for making yourself fir or healthy. Your body doesn’t want hard work only a small walk makes you healthy. So try to make yourself fit and healthy because “Health is Wealth.”


  • Another Sunrise, another new beginning.   -Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Every day is a new beginning, If we fail, we think we lose or we never do it. But after sunset, a new sunrise with a new day and try to start your new beginning and improving mistakes due to which you will win. Because if we never do anything then we never get anything only get regrets. Motivate yourself every day and start your work or practice for success with every new beginning of the day. 

  • You have the right to work, but never to the fruit of work.      -Lord Krishna (from Bhagwat Geeta)

Most inspiration quotes are taken from holy scripture Shree mad Bhagwat Geeta. Lord Krishna said that you only do you work with full of energy and mindset and positive intention but never think always about outcomes because you don’t give your hundred per cent if you think about outcomes. Sometimes we give our hundred per cent but never get anything, actually, we never noticed our mistakes. If we do anything, always sure we will get it in the end because God never cheats on anyone they always give every one according to their hard work or intention. So it is important to do our work only, never to the fruit of work.  Because hard work always pays off with patience. 



Thoughts are more powerful, they inspired or motivate us. If you think thoughts work automatically if you read so you are wrong because thoughts only help you to birth an obsession on you, and all depend on you, how you use it. So get motivation by thoughts and inspired yourself...

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