How to build strong muscle easily

 How to build strong muscle

Healthy and fit body are important for long life.. Building a muscle is a good for making yourself gorgeous and unique personality. Making a muscles is not important for healthy body, only 2-3km of daily morning walk and healthy diet makes your body healthy and fit. 

Building a muscles is a decision of peoples because they want to increase their strength.. Actually building a muscles is a strength training of growth of muscles. Decision of building muscles is a one of the best decision of people because it’s a way by which you make muscles of body more stronger and you specially treat you body for making health because of which you always protect yourself by harmful diseases. 

Following tips by which you get change in your muscle-building in 2-3 month’s:-

  • Weight lifting or daily gym:-

Weight lifting is one of the best source of building muscles easily and in minimum time.. By weight lifting you easily burns your calorie and muscle are filled by that calories and your body start gaining muscles. Everyone have muscle and cuts in their body but some people by help of work out still gain easily and muscles comes out but some peoples are still foody, who only want healthy body not muscles and they eating food more and heavy meals because of which muscles are hide by fat. After some times when you get fat in your body it’s very hard to gain muscle and decreasing fat so always try to control fat. 

Weight lifting help you to burn more calories when you are in position of rest. Heavy weight lifting help you to lose fat in sleep. Daily approx 25-30 minutes doing weight lifting helps you to get muscles. If you are going gym you can get muscles more faster because trainer gives you some weight lifting exercise and perfect tricks because of which you easily get muscles..But it’s not important that you can build muscles only gym, you also build in home after getting some more times..

  • Normal Exercise:-

Normal exercise makes you fit and healthy but if you practice or try it more times you also burns calories and get muscles. 

  • Climbing stairs:-

Climbing on stairs help you to burn your belly and back fat because of which your body get perfect shape and came out your packs of belly.

  • Dips or push-ups:-

Best exercise for chest and shoulders. If you do 50-60 push-up’s daily you looks improvement in your chest and muscles of shoulder. Push-ups makes your shoulders more stronger..

  • Cycling:-

cycling help you to decrease your body and improving your body stamina. 

  • Plancks:-  

plank is a type of Yoga you easily do also anywhere you practice plack’s exercise. 2-3 types of planks help you to burn calories and build up muscles. 

  • Healthy diet or high protein food:-

For building muscles healthy diet is more important than exercise. Because if you do exercise you burn fat or calories but if you not eat proper diet you should not get muscles because calories you but due to unhealthy diet more calorie you get.

 For building muscles higher protein food are important, for muscles try to sacrifice all those things which are unhealthy and because of which your body not get more fat..  also if you not get proper proteins or healthy diet you according to exercise then weakness comes in your body and muscles never build. 

Nowdays some proteins powder are available in market which help you to get muscles easily and they full filled limitation of protein in body and you easily get muscles. Also if you don’t want to eat artificial protein powder so eat all types of food which gives you more protein and full filled all requirement of protein in your body. 

  • Fruit’s and meat:-

If you want healthy and fit body then fruits are the best source which helps you to make your body healthy and fit. Actually a problem of being unhealthy is eating more in one time, similarly if you eat little-little in a gap it’s more better and healthy for your body. Also if you want to make muscle and decreasing fat so don’t eat oily food regularly in a day instead of snacks or oily food you eat fruits which gives you more protein and makes you stronger and also your immune system. 

If you don’t want to eat artificial protein powder and you want muscle in minimum time then meat helps you to get hard muscles, meat are the best source of protein and it also help you to fight with harmful diseases. 


Everyone want healthy and fit body but no one want to do hard work, no one wants to come out from comfort zone and because of it they never stay healthy and always connected with diseases. Because of diseases you never enjoy your life. Decision of strength training is one of the best way tp stay fit. Because of strength training you always stay fit and also build up muscles because of which you improve your look everyone impressed by you because of your muscles and healthy body. 

Making a healthy body and personality is not a less than of finding a treasure because health is a more costly then treasure. always take care of your body and if you don’t want to do strength training, so go only for a walk early in the morning a small walk of morning are also makes you healthy. 

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