Here the author of this book talks about real happiness and success which is literally above life turmoil.

Is ever you think that what is your purpose in life to come into this world?

James Allen is a British writer. They wrote a lot of books on self-help. And they research a lot on life. The meaning of success in life and the real purpose to live the life best.

In this summary, we are going to learn about the real mental attitude, how our mental attitude affects us, what is the real and pure purpose of life, is why we come into this world, the real happiness and the real success.


People have only one purpose in life true happiness.

But why are people depressed while the real meaning and purpose of life are to be happy at all their life?.

The true happiness of life is to work on yourself not think about society.

Sometimes is it ok, when everything is happening well then you feel good and when everything goes bad you feel bad.

But if you come out from this turmoil the real happiness is in your inner soul. The real happiness is to be happy with your gratitude.

Success and failure is a part of life and happiness in all situation is an art of life. So feel happy with the inner soul, not the outer which mean success and failure.

You are born to be happy. Try to give true love to everyone. You are a jug that is filled with water so try to pour the environment with your water means love.

Try to love yourself first, if you did not love yourself then how do you love society.

The blank jug never fills a glass. 

So start loving yourself then start to give pure love to everyone which also make you happy.

Talking with gratitude is the best way to bring a smile to another face.


It is the power to guide our life and influence our attitudes.

Belief is an important part of our personality.

Believe in yourself that you think positive can change your attitude and that your work can change life is above your turmoil.

Belief is also known as self-confidence. It is important if you have a big dream in your life.

Always be on your belief. thought change according to the time but the stable thing is belief. And this belief can change your whole world. 

You know those people who are consistently stable in their belief they make an impact on this world.

Here the author of the book describes two types of belief the first one is head belief, and another one is a heart belief.

How they define ahead believe – 

Suppose a person AIMED that their class group make a record on this year by doing some special things but, here a student joins the class just for the degree they don’t want to do extra things,

In that situation, their beliefs would be destroyed.

But on another hand, the heart belief is permanent.

A person believes that I make the record I worked for it. It is ok that your period to make the record changed but the belief that you have to make a record never changed.

This person can make the record, Believe in the heart.

Though inaction is real belief. So think positive and take action.


A person who has a strong and positive mental attitude can achieve anything in life which is above the turmoil.

Your mental attitude is important to come out from the society realistic drama.

Everyone knows that smoking is injurious to health but no one knows that bad mental health is also injurious to health.

So try to think positive all the time. good mental health can help you to do everything in life that you want to do.

In this world everything is negative so why do we also try to find the negative things.

Always see a positive side of your work that can help you to develop a good mental attitude.


In this summary, we learn that what is actually above life turmoil.

Our belief which is one of the strongest things, our mental attitude, our positivity and real happiness which is important to live life best.

These all terms are actually above life and people can’t realize them.

In this culture, people are busy with their negative thought their negative sentiments, while life is above these terms.

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