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 Money: Reason Of Real Happiness Or Grief 

Money, a word that has only five letters but exists in the reality of the whole world. Peoples are crazy about money, nowadays humans don’t have time for anything they find their real happiness in money. The worst thing which is stabled in the human brain is money is everything without money there is nothing in their life. Actually, money is only a way to purchase a thing that gives you temporary happiness. And sometimes humans ruin their life because of money.


Only obsession in human nowadays, how to make money?. Easily without working hard, people don’t want to do anything and want every facility in their life and because of this they choose the wrong way and start robbery, murders and kidnapping and in end, they ruin their whole life and regret everything. Because money gives you only temporary happiness and crime which you do destroy everything because god doesn’t save you every time. 

Why Human Think Money Gives Real Happiness –

# Attached with Materialistic Things 

Materialistic things mean a man- mad source of happiness or in easy words things which help humans to look cool more than others which are likely not for naturalistic peoples who wear their beautiful behaviour of purity in heart. Humans never live a life that God gives him they always think about more it is good but in limit. If you cross the limit for anything then that is harmful.

Highly materialistic people always think and believe in owning and buying things are necessary means to achieve important life goals such as happiness, success and desirability. 

# Obsession of money 

Money is an obsession for people. Actually, humans are fully attached to this materialistic world and they think money is everything. In our society men who have more many then have more value and respect that why people make an obsession. Humans always think about more their look at those who are in the lower position they always think about more and also it was the biggest reason of grief or sad life of humans. 


# Money is identity 

Money is the identity it was the worst thing that matters in our society. If you have money everyone wants to talk to you and always respect you. Actually, in our society, everyone wants fame and a unique identity and they think money can give him but it is totally wrong because when you start making money you are busy and you don’t have time for listening to your own popularity and time for those whom you love.


Once you are busy making money you forget everything and you never observed realistic of the world everyone whom you meat with money and fame and fake or selfish. They are with you because you have a lot of money not because they are not familiar.

So always think to improve yourself your characters and behaviour and make sufficient money in which you live your life with comfort because a people who have more money they never go in functions of society where they get huge respect and they never live a real-life or not enjoying their life. So always thinking about money is totally wrong just do your work and things in which you're interested. 

Making money is good but always thinking about money are ruin the whole happiness of your life. To make money hard don’t waste your time thinking about money because when you only waste your time thinking about money then you never make and feel sad. 

# Showoff 

Humans never live real life in the present age they always try to put themselves on upper than others. Because of a showoff, they spend more money on small things. They purchase things from malls for more money instead of shops that have the same things as the mall or at lower prices. For purchasing these things never do hard work and then it causes grief in the life of those who never want to do hard work or try to make money by doing good things. So always be real for everything. 



Money is good when you do hard work or smart work and make a lot but it is also the worst for those who want it easily without doing any hard work. In simple words, money makes criminals.

 One of the worst things happens when people did not have money and they don’t have an idea to make money they start crimes to make money easily and make their life hell.


Sometimes money also put people down in front of other a hard truth of our society, people who don’t have money always put their self in down and it is totally wrong to always stay real and humble with your goodness. No matter how much money you have, but how much happy you are matters more. 

But money is important so always try to do hard work and learn smart tricks of making money. 


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