Why to have friends in life - 5 reasons to have friends

 Importance of friends: Diamonds

Friends, peoples in everyone’s life who have a special place, and without whom our lives are full of problems or without memories. Without friends, it is hard to survive on earth with happiness and enjoyment. Friends have a very important place in human life, real friends are sometimes more than family and they always stay with you without any selfishness or reason.


Friends, we don’t have a relation with the blood but not less than. Sometimes real and true friends are working as medicines in life, they always stay with us no matter what will happen and how the situation they always to phase a problem with you. Friends are more important for life because in the stage of life you always phase those days where you don’t have anything but your real friends are enough for that situation. 

If we discuss friends there is a lot of reason for the importance of friends. 

Five important reasons to have friends 

# Support system 

Friends are another family for us. Sometimes friends are more important in such type of situation where you don’t tell anything about yourself to your family. Some situation is moments are comes in everyone life where friends are more valuable. True friends always help you to solve every problem of your life.


Real friends are always supporting you in those things which are good for you and also they give the best advice and ideas for your good future only if you have good and real friends. Making a lot of friends are good but making a few real friends who never left you in any situation and who always support you for progression or in hard situations. 

# Good companion 

People who stay always with you doesn’t matter in which situations you are they always stand with you, equally matching a shoulder to shoulder these are the most specific quality of good friends and companion. 


Some people are staying with you due to some specific reason and for their selfishness and when you stick in problems they left you but your real friends always stay with you they never want anything. 

# Relation of a friend with success 

What you achieve in your life or how much good you are depends on your friend circle. Peoples or any experienced people always judge you by seeing your friend circle.


Good friends always motivate you for doing something gorgeous or achieve your goal they help you to choose the right way which is good for your life. Instead of a good friend, a bad friend circle are ruined your whole life, they never told you for achieving your goal, they are with you when they have a profit from you or with selfishness and when you are stuck in a problem they left you and never come for help. 


So it is very important to choose a good friend circle and stay away from those who always talk about nonsense things and think who have bad habits. Because slowly you also addicted to that thing when you spend your time with them... 

# For spending your quality time or happiness 

For enjoying whole life with happiness and full of enjoyment so it is very important to have friends because you find temporary happiness by watching comedy, sharing memes and some jokes but when you spend time with your friends then there is no place for any grief and it’s hard to not smile.


When you spend few time with your friends you smile a little harder or make a memory for a lifetime, and when you remember those memories you never stop smiling every time, no matter how much time have those memories. 

# Work as a solution to every problem 

Friends are working as a solution to every problem, they always have some ideas to solve your problems and sometimes they stay with you in every step of your problem no matter how hard the situation. 

When you say about your problem they make a joke but in the end, they always give a perfect solution. 


In everyone life, some situation comes when you never share anything with anyone also with your family and then your real friends help you that time, and they solve your problem without any selfishness or with all their heart. So makes some real friends who have a solution to your every problem...


Friends, the more you write about friends but still, it is minimum because no one describes the specific meaning of real or true friends in words or writing. Simply friends are emotions. Friends are a peoples who never stay every time with you but when you are in problems they always stay with you in your step to step.


Make some real or true friends who always stay with you no matter what situation is what but they always with you. Because at a time where everyone left you only your real or true friends stay with you and give you a hanky when you crying in your bad times. 

In this world without having good friends and people who love you truly are not a life. so find true friends and always care for those who stay with you in every situation. 



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